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Sunday, December 18, 2016

What is President #DonaldTrump  going to do to help the Middlle Class to grow larger ? Nothing, if you approve of his Cabinet appointees. Urge the Senate to block their confirmations! #TheNation 
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump is going to be tied up in Congressional investigations for most of his first four years. That is if he even makes it to the White House as our official 45th President . #DonaldTrump #NotmyPresident ##ElectoralCollege #Stillwithher [QUOTEThe Trump-Russia scandal continues to widen, with revelations that are making it increasingly clear that not only do we need a full investigation, but that investigation needs to be independent and bipartisan, and include public hearings. Some Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, have suggested that the Senate Intelligence Committee can handle it.
But let’s make no mistake: that’s a way of sweeping it under the rug. The Intelligence Committee’s hearings are closed to the public and press, and while there will certainly need to be parts of this investigation that are kept behind closed doors lest “sources and methods” be compromised, we need to learn as much as possible about this scandal. A dusty, redacted report released a year from now will not be enough.

Monday, December 5, 2016

In this fine #AlanWatts quote,[ " I'm
quoting the Book of Common Prayer. And so, all those people who are oriented to the universe in that way feel related to basic reality as a subject to a king. And so they are on very, very humble terms in relation to whatever it is that works all this thing. I find it odd, in the United States, that people who are citizens of a republic have a monarchical theory of the universe. That you can talk about the president of the United States as LBJ, or Ike, or Harry, but you can't talk about the lord of the universe in such familiar terms. "]…/c…/watts_alan/watts_alan_article1.shtml (see above for more of linked quote) . Alan is speaking very much like Percy Bysshe Shelley in his fine poem ' The Revolt of Islam' which addressed the disillusionment of the French people after their glorious French Revolution veered tragically into Napoleon's despotism. The French people could have solved that perplexing dilemma of political power
that often strikes good democratic revolutions if they knew it is always better to be #strongertogether .
Here is my own interpretation of the Alan Watts quote and Shelley' s ' The Revolt of Islam. :
glorious breeze,lovers needs
for poets past and present
our constituency is the World
to unfurl
the peoples' proud majesty
of cultural and animal diversity
Freedom' s ring
I, You,and All to sing.